How to prepare and send a clinicopathological case:

The submitted cases, will be anonymously revised by the Scientific Committee as indicated on the website.
The submitted cases must have the characteristics indicated in the sections “Preparation” and “Images”
The allowed number of images will be:
minimum 2
maximum 12
optimum between 4-8

There are no levels of difficulty for the choice of cases; the site will publish both basic cases and rare diseases. The condition for acceptance is that each case presented is accompanied by images which document the clinical features of the skin disease and images regarding cytology and/or histopathology of the lesions. Any other diagnostic tests can be included in the case (fungal culture, electronic microscopy).
The list of diseases (alphabetical order) has already indicated in ” Pop-index “of the home page.
For inclusion of clinical cases which are still not indicated in the list mentioned above a higher wait time for publication will be necessary, between acceptance and publication of the case, as it will be made a change to the index structure.
The site will consider cases that have not been previously published in national and international journals.

For the submitted cases the Scientific Committee is free to:
– suggest modifications that can be subsequently accepted or rejected with motivation.
– reject the case for its incompatibility with the instructions for publication on the site

Title–Author-Introduction-Clinical case-Diagnostic Assessment-Follow up-Conclusion-References as follows:


Title of the case to be published (name of the disease, species, breed, other)

– name and surname,
– no affiliation is required
– for more than an author the list will be in alphabetic order
– A brief introduction on the dermatological condition (likely 6-8 lines)

Clinical case
-complete signalement of the patient
-clinical examination completed with iconography
Diagnostic assessment
-tables are not allowed
-diagnostic test must be supported by images, almost one image (cytology, histopathology, other)

Follow up
– necessary for completeness of the case

– brief discussion (different from introduction) on the case

-2-4 references (no more than 4), better if review papers, recent
-surname and initials (for more than three authors “et al.”)/full title of the paper/full name of the journal in italics/ journal volume bold/first and last pages/year of publication

– high quality images and of particular interest for the understanding of the case
– Format: JPG
-Resolution: minimum 72 dpi
-Number of images allowed: minimum 2, maximum 12, optimum 4-8
-Each image must be accurately named, its name must match the name of the corresponding legend (eg figura1.JPG figura1.doc)
– composed images (1 a,b) are not allowed

Time of publication is not predetermined. The site is open to all Internet users by free and has not been created for profit but rather to facilitate the dissemination of scientific data, therefore date of publication will depend exclusively on the availability of the reviewers and of the responsible for the site.

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